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Financing Your Project

Our firm has worked closely with various Capital Stewardship companies for over 30 years including companies that offer bond programs as well as other fund-raising programs. Because of our long history of working with churches and capital stewardship companies we have a good understanding of the general “guidelines” needed to establish a conceptual project budget and we use that information to keep the initial project scope within an achievable range.

We recommend that you implement a group of three to five persons very early in your project schedule to investigate avenues for funding your project. This group should get started no later than the same time the Master Planning or Conceptual Design process is started as it can take several months to evaluate options and solidify a proposal to present to the congregation. Preferably, the members of this investigative group should have a working knowledge of finances, the construction industry or a business background.

If you decide to employ a specialized company to assist with your Capital Campaign process, we strongly recommend that you consider one that offers a Pre-Assessment Campaign. This step might seem unnecessary but it is actually quite important for the success of the overall campaign as it can identify the congregation’s financial potential and determine the best time schedule for a successful campaign before a full campaign is initiated at a higher cost or results are not what were expected.

Please contact us for a list of companies and for a recommendation for a particular firm that we can recommend that matches your particular goals and size of project.


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